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Model WL001/WL002
Step-by-step product installation guide (version 2.0).

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Frequently Asked Questions

classiccarlock-300x199 Does Classic Industrial Design Ltd. manufacture other styles of trailer lock such as hitch locks or less expensive and lighter wheel locks made of thinner gauge metal.

No! It is our mission to provide only the most secure trailer lock or vehicle lock, while providing good value for your hard earned dollar. We do not intend to provide an impounding, or immobilizing device as a substitute for a serious anti-theft device. Hitch locks, while inexpensive provide almost no protection from a serious trailer thief. We do thorough testing of our product to make sure it outperforms the competition. 

If I unscrew the wing nuts, can I pull the swivel hooks out of the main body and remove the lock from the wheel?

No! The wing nut screw is used only to position the hooks in either the “stored” or “application position”. They do not hold the hooks in the body of the lock. The hooks are held in the body by a welded steel “dog” through which the wing nut passes. This “dog” protrudes into an annular groove in a 3” long, solid steel swivel attached to its respective Hook. The “wing nut screw”, when tightened, will enter one of 4 detent holes present in the base diameter of the annular groove, at a spacing of 90 degrees, providing positive positioning of the hook.

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Can a Brahma Wheel Lock be removed by deflating the tire?

Several of Brahma Lock’s 11 patented features relate to security with a deflated tire, and have been extensively tested to ensure that the lock cannot be removed by deflating the tire.
With the WL001 Wheel Lock, when a tire is deflated, the lock retains its position in relation to the wheel rim and any attempt to rotate either of the two “rotatable” hooks causes them to be stopped by the tire. Even when the tire is unseated from the rim, it simply “bunches” the tire causing the Brahma lock to grip even tighter. Virtually all the tires on trailers we secure have bands of spring steel in the casing of the tire and are extremely difficult to cut.
With the WL002 Wheel Lock, even complete removal of the tire will not allow the lock to be removed from the rim because the hooks reach around and hold on to the wheel rims. Also, both models have a lug nut cover, whose function is to lock up inside the rim and not allow the wheel/tire to be rolled out through the opening between the arms.
Some brands of locks are easily pulled off with chains, and some brands have flat plates that do not stop deflated tires from being rolled out through an opening. These problems are some of the main reasons that Classic Industrial Design Ltd. was asked by police departments and insurance corporations to design a better product; the Brahma Wheel Lock.

Why is the lock mechanism located in the down position?

The lock mechanism is placed down for the following reasons

  • The lock is less susceptible to tampering in this position.
  • The design prevents the lock from filling up with water and slush from passing cars during cold winter conditions, which can cause unlocking problems that could result from freezing temperatures.
  • Chemicals used to de-ice roads will not be splashed into the lock, preventing corrosion of the mechanism.

How often should I Lubricate the lock mechanism and the moving parts of the frame?

Brahma Locks are used in a wide variety of climates and conditions. Depending on these conditions and the frequency of use, the owner of the Brahma Lock must determine the appropriate maintenance schedule, keeping in mind that Classic Industrial Design Limited will not warranty locks which fail due to lack of lubrication. A few drops of SAE 30 oil on all moving parts (remember the wing nut threads) every few months should keep a lock used in normal situations functioning smoothly.

Can I get extra Keys for my lock?

Brahma Locks come with a generous supply of 4 keys. Every Brahma Wheel Lock has a Serial Number attached to it and a key number printed on the box. The folks at Classic Industrial Design Ltd. can – if given the serial number of the lock, cross reference the appropriate key, of which they maintain 2 extra spares at the distribution centre. Once we have confirmed through your dealer that you are in fact the owner of the lock, we will mail you a key for a nominal fee plus handling and postage.

Can I get more than one Brahma Wheel Lock with the same key number?

Yes! We can provide a limited number of locks with the same key number when ordered through your local Dealer.