What our amazing customers are saying:

The lock–by the way–is fantastic.
It sets up very quickly and provides tremendous peace of mind.  Well done, y’all.

Rob,  Texas

You folk have been very helpful, and a pleasure to deal with.  Credit where credit is due.
I am a Mechanical Engineer, and I have to give you credit for coming up with a very effective, practical, and functional product.  Your Brahma lock accomplishes everything you could expect of an anti-theft device.  I wish I had designed it and patented it myself.

Pat,  Cleveland, Ohio

The sales guy showed us three types of locking devices for our dump trailer.
He called them good better and best (the Brahma).  We bought the Brahma and the guys really like it.
There is a lot of theft in this area so we want to order 3 more Keyed alike for our new trailers.

Tom, Leduc AB

My own personal search for a wheel lock, which I had no clue what to look for, was first Amazon. Then reading reviews for a few of the other “yellow” locks.  One review in my search claimed the “yellow” product was inferior and he/she was going with a Brahma Lock. Seeing is believing and I had no idea how sturdy and well designed it was until I received it then even happier when I installed it. I know many people, including myself  rely on REVIEWS from Amazon, Google etc. when we cannot see a product in person.

B. C. Dallas

The installation on the lock was super simple and it is very heavy duty. Will obviously do the trick and keep thieves from stealing the camper. Fit is great and looks to be the best on the market, much better than competitors. My neighbor has a Trimax and appears very flimsy to me. Like it so much I am buying another.

Rebecca, Texas

You make a great product and are a pleasure to deal with.

Tony, Florida

The lock arrived…sooner than I expected. The Brahma Lock is already on my new trailer. It was as simple to install as promised and your design is ingenious. This should afford me some peace of mind when leaving my home away from home. Your trusting way of doing business is refreshing.
Thanks for everything,

Stamford, CT

Thanks for all the help.  We had our fifth wheel stolen from a locked chain link storage facility here sometime last winter.  I know it wouldn’t have happened if we had one of the Brahma locks on it.  Our local dealer (with your great help) was great. Andy,  Regina, Sask. Some people we know have lost trailers to thieves.  This Brahma lock seems like low cost insurance.

Phil, Oklahoma

Thank you for your amazing response to your customers. It is quite remarkable.
Thank you for your offer to ship one out. That would be great.

Clayton, Paso Robles, California

Thanks for all of your help…and for developing a great product.  I’ve been looking for a while for something that would make my horse trailer secure. There just hasn’t been much out there until now.

Darlene,  Indiana

When we take our travel trailer South, we like to drop it off and go explore the local sights.  We always know it will be waiting for us when we return. Now we want one for our new boat trailer.  We really appreciate the help you have given us.

Jill and Ray, Toronto

Thanks Carol and John – The lock looks great,  I appreciate the service.
A pleasure doing business with you.

Jason, Colorado

I wanted to let you know that I passed on your company information and lots of accolades for the Brahma Lock to a company here in Pennsylvania.

Tony, Pennsylvania

We travel with our bikes in our enclosed trailer, and stay at motels. We lost one trailer with our Harleys four years ago but have used a Brahma ever since and don’t worry.  Our friends use them too.

Steve,  Cincinnati

I very much appreciate your help and trust in this and I obviously like the lock I received enough to get another. It seems to be nice heavy duty steel.  Thanks for all your exceptional help on this.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Rebecca, Texas

Thanks for the info.  I’d like to proceed with the purchase since your company’s wheel lock has gotten favorable reviews on the internet.

Leon,  NJ

Sorry for all the hassle but I did a lot of research on wheel locks and I think yours is superior at this price point.

James, Portland Oregon

From the research that I’ve done, I know that there is not a competing product in its class!

Gary,  North Carolina

I’ve been telling folks at work and a couple friends about your lock too – someone might be interested in getting one for their side by side quad.  Its actually very refreshing to see a company built on that kind of practice.  Looking forward to the peace of mind of your lock – thanks again.

Len, Saskatoon, Sask.

I bought the lock after Greg had mentioned that he preferred it over the competitors lock. Greg also said he owned one himself.  In addition, I like the quality of the lock as well as its space saving features.  I saw your video and that sold me. Nice job!

Greetings from the Airstream Security Club.
The Brahma went on without a hitch. Received it in California and installed in Oregon on a mini vacation. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you,

Paul and Catherine, California

We received our locks on Tuesday and I installed them yesterday, it was very easy with the enclosed instructions.  They meet all of my expectations and hopefully deter any attempt of theft.  Last month someone attempted to take one of the trailers in the middle of the day, but one of our tenants saw them and called the police.  Thank you again for all your help.

Robert, Portland Oregon

Good morning John. Thank you for the additional information on your Brahma lock.
I have watched your video and like what I see.

Bill, Denver Colorado

Our Boy Scout troop goes camping almost every month during the school year.
We use a single axle trailer to haul our camping gear around.  Several years ago, our Scout trailer was stolen.  We replaced it but realized we also needed to purchase a wheel locking device. The one we bought  had an inferior key design and later failed when the key broke off in the lock! It was then we decided to purchase a Brahma Lock. It was slightly more expensive but has many advantages; a simple yet durable key system, better hub coverage, and (my favorite) it is much easier to take it off and put it back on.

Recently, we lost the four keys to our Brahma Lock but you and your team were able to supply replacements.  This saved us from having to buy a new lock, which was a big relief. Now we can return our focus to Scouting and training our boys to become young men of good character.

Clayton, Texas

After talking to John Clarke I received my new Brahma Wheel lock a few weeks ago. I have to admit that I was truly impressed with the quality and design of the lock. It not only looks hard to defeat (which is half the battle) installing it I can tell that its about as strong a lock as I can put on this trailer. I plan on using the wheel lock whenever and wherever I have the trailer parked.